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Especially relevant with the closed Apple and other ecosystems (Amazon Kindle, I'm talking to you) that industry is trying to promote.


It pretty much nails what my opinions are on the matter. If I buy it, it should be mine and I should be able to, within reason, do what I want with it, without interference. Within reason, covers that anything I do to my device shouldn't adversely affect other folks (no turning my xbox 360 into something that'll ruin the performance/experience of a bunch of other online gamers).

I understand that people will argue 'but there are hardware subsidies that rely on a closed marketplace and walled garden so they can gouge me to recoup their subsidy and then some.' My reply to that, is simple: Nobody is forcing you to sell at a loss. I bought it, it's mine. If your walled garden or offering isn't sufficiently compelling, that's your fault, not mine. I don't like closed ecosystems, because they promote not just vendor lock-in, but a price-fixed monopoly since there are no other supported options once I've purchased the device.

If I buy an iPad, I should be able to put software I want on it, not just what's in the Apple Store. If I buy a Kindle, I should be able to get my books from whatever source I want, not just Amazon. This is why I will buy neither product.



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